Project Description

Oluyole Club, Lagos is a socio-Cultural Organization of notable Ibadan indigenes based in Lagos. The club is non-religious and apolitical but members are at liberty to belong to any faith and political party of their choice. The headquarters of the Club is in Lagos.

Ordinary General Meetings of the club are held on the second Sunday of every month in Lagos or Ibadan as may be the choice of the host except in December which is for the preparation of our Annual party / Lecture / Bursary Awards which is now customarily held on the second Saturday of January in Ibadan. The Annual General Meeting is however customarily held in Lagos.


The aims and objectives of the Club are:

(a)        To develop and promote Cultural, Intellectual and Social Welfare of its  members and Ibadan.

(b)        To promote economic and commercial activities in pursuance of (a) above.

(c)        To co-operate with and promote similar cultural and social organizations  in the pursuit of the above objectives.

(d)        In pursuance of these objectives, the Club may establish or promote facilitates  through which the aims and objectives may be achieved, or as the Executive

Committee may deem necessary or expedient.

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